Some Special Care for your Eyelash Extension

In the whole makeup beautiful eyelashes seems to look beautiful. Eyelashes is prominent feature. While learning makeup, in makeup courses or Bridal makeup classes they teach you how to prominent the eye lashes through heavy mascara or different kinds of makeup tip. But now through different advanced techniques it seems easy as there is a method of eyelashes extension through which there is a permanent solution to keep you beautiful. Here are some tips to take care of your eyelashes;
Don’t Wear Mascara
Mascara has the tendency to make your extensions bunch together, totally destroying the furry, fluttery look you wanted to achieve in the first place. If you wear the mascara it would be the worst experience to remove from your eye lashes extension as it looks perfect without it so try to avoid it. Ingredients used to formulate mascaras can also start to break down the adhesive used by your lash artist, meaning they’ll fall out precipitately.
For those of you who have fair lashes, or love a completely black lash look, get your natural lashes tinted prior to having your extensions. This will give them an even best appearance.
Avoid Oil-Based Makeup Remover
In the makeup courses they teach you how to take care of your eyelash’s extensions. It’s best to avoid liquid products, or keep them away from your lashes. Oils are incredibly good at breaking down makeup, but they also weaken the bond between your natural lash and extension. Instead make sure you use an oil-free makeup remover.
Don’t Remove them by your own
If you’re not getting on with your lashes then the last thing you want to do is remove them yourself. You’ll more than likely damage your natural ones, so this is a job best left to the professionals. Eyelashes are even selling a glue designed to keep your DIY lashes in place for a few weeks. Always use special products and remover or take professional advice or help.
Special Care
Actually, lash extensions decrease your makeup routine as there should be a proper care for your eyelash extensions. Try to avoid lash curlers. These can damage and weaken the lashes. If you’d prefer more of a curl in the future ask for professional advice. Professionals will have a range of curl types on hand to personalize your extensions to flatter your face and to suit according to your requirements.
Avoid Playing with Your Lashes
Don’t touch your eye lash extensions as it will weaken the bond. Trifling with your extensions will only weaken the bond and make them more prone to fall out well ahead of schedule. Avoid transfer oils from your hands to your lashes which will weaken the glue. Usually people rub you’re their eyes when tired, try to avoid it for long lasting eye lashes. Remember a lash extension will only last as long as the natural lash it’s placed on so proper maintenance is very important.