The Harvard of HAIR AND MAKEUP

AOHM is the only Professional Beauty School in our area to offer an intensive and comprehensive training course in BEAUTY & BUSINESS. It is our belief that Business training along with required Makeup skills are critical elements necessary to increase the earning potential, manage finances and secure gainful employment. Our Beauty & Business Training Programs solely focuses on the skills and training needed for a successful career in the Beauty Industry. Our students will work with and be educated on, a variety of top product brands, enabling them to transition seamlessly into all facets of the Beauty Industry. In our focused Makeup & Business training students learn Makeup fundamentals, Makeup foundation, Specialty Makeup, Advanced Makeup and Business training, focused on the field of Makeup Artistry.


  • Theoretical – The foundation on Makeup education.
  • Practical/Technical – The ‘Hands-on’ application of Makeup Education
  • Culture of Integrity – Service learning and character building. The pathway to lifelong personal and professional success.
  • Holistic Beauty- Understanding the beauty inside out.
  • Professional and Business – Vital to maintain and achieve sustainable success

Each phase of the education emphasizes a different combination of these methods of learning.

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AOHM proudly offers Advance Makeup course designed to teach all of the necessary skills and techniques to become a master Makeup artist. The course offers hands-on, interactive training, which is ideal for professionals looking to master their makeup education or intermediate artists seeking to enrich and refine their skills.

All students who complete our Advance Makeup course will receive a diploma and access to our Pro Community, which provides invaluable networking and career development opportunities.


For beginner looking for a way to learn about makeup or hairstyling or professional makeup artist looking to brush up on their skills, learn a new technique, or perhaps adding certain hairstyling skills to their resume, One-to-One Private Sessions are the perfect opportunity. Not only are these sessions highly tailored to student’s specific makeup and hairstyling needs, but they’ll also grant a quality one-on-one teacher. Plus, we’ll provide our students with all the necessary products and tools for the class (free of charge!), and the possibility of a model to practice on.

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